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  1. Same with me currently used rog phone 2 air trigger feature from phone cant be used , before that im used android9 can used air trigger but now air trigger feature cant used anymore
  2. Aimbot bug also esp bug still occurred after the last update season9 im not sure developer will fix because he busy with pubg only
  3. Hopes it can be fixed brother, lets make this topic keep a live ❤️
  4. I hopes you can fixed this issue bro as so many your customers have same issue dont make your customes disappointed please
  5. I'm represent of the member especially that pay n used codm hack, we've got the issue that till now still not been fixed, regarding aimbot n esp that sometimes not show in map tunisia n standoff (MP mode) & BR not show ESP and aimbot not work sometimes when you aiming and shoot the enemy. With so much respect because cause i'm a loyal member for a long please fix this issue dont only update on PUBG were same member also same pay not get for free! Please take care of hack CODM.
  6. Did you used root devices bro? My understanding devices need to root for used this
  7. Hi team, Regarding this issue aimbot not fully working when enemy's shooting while prone it's little difficult when you saw the enemy shooting in front of you then prone it's cannot be shoot when you 1 by 1. Any solution for this? Or perhaps aimbot should be improving when enemy's prone that will so much appreciated. Thanks, Evo
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