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  1. dear Go-cheat Team, Codm aimbot is not working on lot of Android devices I am using Poco F1 in which I am using single fire button for touch simulation aimbot but it's not working properly whenever I try to shoot enemy it open scope and closed it frequently so I am not able to shoot enemy please fix that bleach because sometime it occurs and sometime it works properly I hope soon we will fix this error I am waiting for a positive response from your end
  2. This ESP has really nice features but aimbot is not working on my rooted poco F1 but developer is claiming that they are making new aimbot for all devices hope so it should work for poco F1 as well and as a suggestion I would suggest developer please add coloured circle on head for better head aiming and please add some more thickness in lines and on skeleton so it would be clearly visible from long range. Rest of the things are really awesome ♥️
  3. Can I use my main account for push using aimbot is it safe or I can only use esp for main id
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